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James Rawlson


San Francisco-based Real Estate Lawyer

About James Rawlson


James Rawlson is a seasoned real estate and family lawyer who serves all of San Francisco, California.

James began his career as a trial prosecutor working at a local San Francisco County District Attorney’s office. After completing all of the real estate trial assignments, James Rawlson joined the “Real Estate” unit in downtown San Francisco. James was charged with the responsibility of representing real estate claims at the State and Federal level.

After working for several years at that real estate unit, Mr. Rawlson decided to open up his own practice. In 1999 he founded James Rawlson & Associates and since then, they have been fighting to win their clients the claims they deserve.

James Rawlson has dedicated his life to becoming one of the finest real estate lawyers in the state of California. With over fifteen years of experience, James Rawlson and Associates have paved their way to being one of the leading real estate law firms. James’s team of lawyers and staff get the job done vigilantly to give an aggressive and effective representation for their clients.

James currently manages an office in downtown San Francisco and is looking to expand his practice to other nearby cities. Through his work as a real estate attorney, in addition to running his own law firm for fifteen years, James Rawlson is committed to bringing justice to clients.

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