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Whether you are entering your senior year of college or deciding on a newly fulfilling career switch, law school may be your best option. This is by no means an easy decision. While we may have seen the likings of famous pop culture shows and movies such as Legally Blonde or Suits, making your decision to enter the legal field has to be well thought out. You need to understand the ‘why’ before making any type of decision. When I decided to attend law school back in the early 90s, I had to think of a school that will offer me the necessary skills and experience I wanted to gain to better prepare me for my legal future. George Washington Law School has given me that opportunity. Coming upon twenty years within the legal profession, I cannot think of a better place learn, practice, and love the legal field than at GW Law. If you are still contemplating on your decision, take a look at the eight reasons I highlighted on why you should go with George Washington Law below. GW Law will grow and strengthen your passion to become the lawyer you want to be today.


The George Washington University Law School can be found in the heart of our nations capital in Washington D.C. The law school itself has a very rich and defining history embracing the philosophy of our first president, “to forge a national identity based on principles friendly to republic government and to the true and genuine liberties of mankind.” While it took some time, the law school was eventually founded in 1820 and reestablished in 1865, George Washington Law became the first law school in the District of Columbia. Today, the school continues to embody that very philosophy by upholding the ideals of our country for our aspirational leaders.


George Washington Law School is ranked 20th in the 2014 Law School Ranking of U.S. News & World Report. Receiving over 6,000 applications in 2013, GW Law has proved to be a strong competitor amongst other law schools. Its 44% acceptance rate of enlisting remarkable and diverse individuals has allowed the many of its concentrations to rank highly such as intellectual property law, international law, and environmental law ranking within the top ten of U.S. News & World Report

Alumni Networking

Along with its vast popularity, GW has trained and supported various remarkable diverse students to become leaders and game changers in their communities and concentrated fields. Their hard work and perseverance within the legal realm has created strong partnerships for our students and alumni networking in areas such as academia, business, sports, government and politics, judiciary, and media, military, and non-profit.

Word Renowned Academics

GW Law provides our scholars with a comprehensive hands-on approach in preparation for the legal field. Our proactive approach, unique case studies, and partnerships for various internships give every student a stronger understanding of the legal field and it’s various concentrations. Some of the courses offered at GW Law are the following:

  • Courts and Civil Litigation
  • Commercial, Business and Labor Law
  • Taxation Law
  • Property, Family Law
  • Environmental And Energy Law
  • Administrative Law and Government Regulation
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Government and Contract Law

Argumentative and Persuasive Skills

No matter what law school you go to, you will learn the invaluable art of strong valid and sound arguments. At GW, the school will prepare you in legal and contract writing as well as argument and debates. This law school, like it has prepared me, will set you up in the mindset in how to deliver your points of view in the most effective and efficient way so that you can win any argument.

Get Real World Experience

Through our various internships and hands-on approach, GW law offers invaluable legal clinical programs that provide you the experience for your future employer. Here, you will learn how to walk, talk, write, and argue as a lawyer. During my second and third year at George Washington, I was able to gain a real sense of cases by working directly with clients. This allowed me to prepare myself strategically when I finally entered my concentration of Real Estate Law.

Purposeful Work

In law school, we are prepared to strategically think and speak with conviction, action and poise. Our actions begin with strategy and our outcomes are why we do our work. This is what it is to be a lawyer. You gain the fundamental understanding of the legal world to make arduous decisions that can impact the population for the better. At GW Law, we embrace the philosophy of our first president in every work that we do. We create a culture in which we can learn from so that we can impact that every individual that we meet. Our work is our purpose and our purpose is our work.

Expand Your Views on Diversity

George Washington Law School exposes the students to a variety of different viewpoints. Some maybe controversial, but that is the way we learn. Going to a school that embraces diversity in every respect is incredibly important. It is this type of mentality will create a long-term effort of change and leaders that our country needs in order to flourish and thrive on a daily basis.