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James Rawlson

Personal Injury Law Firms

Custom Legal Marketing, a company providing marketing solutions to law firms, has conducted a study that found common practices among top-ranking personal injury law websites. The recently published report revealed that WordPress, the widely used blogging and content management system, powers half of the top ranking personal injury law websites.

Although it is has been known that WordPress is incredibly popular, the idea is that WordPress is used by websites to achieve high ranking results should be a wake up call for low ranking websites and law firms who wish to work to rank their pages higher. The team that conducted this study looked at several commonalities between websites considered when searching keywords associated with personal injury law. This included the responsiveness of layouts, custom designs and content management systems. It was for the content management system category that the researchers found the use of WordPress among the highest ranking pages. WordPress was the clear winner, although they were not able to establish a runner up.

WordPress is free-to-use but with a paid version available as well. A majority of the most popular pages were found to be using the paid version of WordPress, which likely gives them more features to play around with and influence their pages’ ranking possibilities. When checked against the competitive search terms applicable to personal injury law, this was found to be the case.

American lawyers can set a great example here of leveraging the best, easy to use and often cheapest technology to achieve high results. In the digital age, getting your page to rank takes efforts but the outcome can be very beneficial to your firm.